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Fashion as a symbol of self-expression at!

Self-expression is a way of showing off our emotions, facial features, body language or movement, clothing, actions, and possessions to express authentic inner self. Self-expression is when people show that they are different from everyone else. Expression comes in various forms like painting, poetry, communication, education and in other words, everything which makes a person unique from others is called self-expression. It is the idea of using your own thoughts and what is appealing to you, in order to express how you feel. Self-expression allows us to be viewed as individuals instead of identical robots. Some people choose to express themselves through their outward appearance. Whether it is the clothing they choose to wear, how they style their hair, or even how the colors they are wearing represent their inner thoughts and emotions. Colors play a very vast role in depicting personality and mood. There are 6 basic emotions of human beings which have a role in choosing fashion according to color and mood. 

The clothes that we wear have a practical purpose. They keep us warm, comfortable and also gives us confidence in our daily routine. They are the image of our identity. What we wear gives an impression to others about our personality. Fashion is very objective and for everyone fashion is something very different. For some, one can’t wear everything that is considered fashion. For such confusion, is an ideal website with lots of variety of clothing, footwear, bagging, belts and a lot more. We give you many options with colors to be easily chosen for the expression of your inner self which also resembles your outer self. So what are you waiting for!

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